But at least, you’ll know you’ve done all you could to improve your Wi-Fi situation. Affected users can, however, be glad the issue has been escalated to the Google Search team for further investigation. Meanwhile, many affected users pointed out that this happens mostly when they disconnect from their cars’ Bluetooth and occasionally appears on speakers or earphones too. While some say it’s happening after they upgraded to Android 12, others believe that it’s the latest Podcasts update that’s causing this issue. However, the root cause of this bug is unknown as of now. This method works very well if you have problems connecting your iPhone to your car stereo via Bluetooth. Google has had this issue open for 2 years and show no sign of actually doing anything about it.

If your PC is not powerful enough to get maximum FPS on a high resolution, try lowering the resolution to get the most FPS. If you are using a 60Hz monitor and want to increase your FPS then check out this guide on How to Overclock Your Monitor for Gaming. I had received a couple of requests to guide the best Overwatch settings for the current year . This guide will help you increase FPS and reduced input lag.

Fix Audio Renderer Issues Now!

In your current config, the audio device should be available to the OS after PT quits. Another option is to get an audio device that has a multi-client ASIO driver.

Solved: Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

Unified Communications How Jabra solutions support your UC platforms. Jabra Device-as-a-Service How Jabra solutions support your UC platforms. Shop for your business Find the right solution for your business. There is a last method left to fix the iOS 14/13 Bluetooth disconnecting – reset all settings on your iPhone. In fact, this is to bring your device to factory settings and obviously, the previous data is, of course, cleared. Usually, when people encounter a problem on their iOS devices, they tend to restore their devices through iTunes.

You Stepped Out Of The Car

Are you getting an “audio renderer error please restart your computer” error message in your Windows 10 system? In case you still did not restart your computer, then you can start with clearing your browser cache. Different alternatives solution for the “Audios renderer error. Please restart your PC.” error is to roll back on the audio chauffeur.